I know you’re hungry! Or you will be by the time you drive to Milwaukie…

Monday and Tuesday this week was just art art art art art. I took down my display in Tigard and got some nice comments from people. A very kindly old man walked around the display case to talk to me and walked directly into the glass door that was hanging open. It’s SO LOUD. I know, because I did it at least 6 times when I was putting my work up in the first place. Then I took a piece of paper and taped it to the door at face level. It helped a little.

I brought home everything and shuffled it all around on the living room floor, then packed up a new mess-o-art and drove it to Da Vinci’s in Milwaukie. You can find out about them here: http://www.davincisitaliano.com/

My work will be up all month. It’s a lot of the bigger pieces, including two that have never been publicly shown. The show “opened” today insofar as it’s the first day people have seen it. The fun part of an art opening doesn’t happen until Sunday the 13th where they will host a wine-n-cheese-n-pizza sort of deal for me and the all the cool people I invite. If you’d like to be part of the head count, let me know. I’ve mailed out postcards with information about it, if you haven’t gotten one and would like to be added to my mailing list, let me know about that, too. Then I can start a mailing list.

[Here] is where I would put a picture from the restaurant, but I can’t find my camera. So you’ll just have to see it in person, HA!Or just wait patiently until I lose something else and when I’m madly searching for it, that’s when I’ll find the camera. It’s the psychology of searching.

But I will not leave you without pictures of some sort. For your holiday entertainment (or horror) I thought I’d pass along “15 Things Not To Buy Your Kids for Christmas” I hope it makes you laugh, because it totally cracked me up.


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