Been painting, in between pieces of pie

I’ve been eating leftovers to the point of stupidity today. I ate more today than yesterday, because at least then I spent the first third of the day in the pre-feast-fast. I made cookies for breakfast that went PERFECTLY with leftover whipped cream… and it’s been mashed potatoes/gravy/stuffing since then. Oh, and pie. I’ve never had pecan pie before, luckily Tony knows how to make it with just the right amount of sugar. Occasionally he’s lighthanded with the sweet stuff. 😉 And seriously, I feel like between the pie and the whipped cream I could eat myself to death one delicious bite at a time.

It hasn’t all been tasty tasty laziness. I watched all of the jackassery the Trailblazers pulled playing Memphis tonight, and that counts as work because it wasn’t easy.

Also did some business. Today I made appointments for both the packing up of my Tigard display and the unpacking of my stuff at DaVinci’s. With events coming so quickly I’m working on a few new things. I’ve also been arranging prints in mats and frames that are ready for sale. Your loved ones would be so HAPPY to get my art. It’s the only way to show your friends you really care about them.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ve been outlining tonight. Next up is the fun part where I throw color at it.

any guesses?

Thanks for the feedback and comments about my art and the blog! I hope you and your people all travel safe this weekend.


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