Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope that your Thanksgiving foods are as delicious as this.


As I type this, I can only smell what is in store for us. It smells like this.


Bill’s parents have joined us for the holiday and Tony has been in the kitchen since the minute they arrived. I’m distracting myself from my hunger with the Macy’s parade. I’d forgotten that everyone wears hats that are nearly as big as the floats.

And I just saw the most drippingly patriotic country music performance… followed promptly by a sort of creepy “techno” dance crew who perhaps just discovered the song “Space Jam.”

I want to show some Thanks to you all for reading, so I offer a couple pictures unrelated to anything, really.


I was thinking of making a painting with this picture, as part of a series I have planned of “Things I Have Actually Seen.”

I-5 isn't ALWAYS a boring drive

Here also is a recipe for a bit of delicious. Do yourself (and a friend, the recipe makes two) a favor and try it.

4x4 Chai

I designed the recipe card myself!

The parade is ending soon, and I just found out it will be followed by a dog show. I think I’ll make some chai and stay in my pajamas and drool over the smell of the stuffing in the kitchen. Enjoy your holiday, and I don’t want to hear of any injuries, deaths, or jailtime resulting from your Black Friday antics.

…Just kidding, I totally do.


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