The bad, the ugly, and the totally cute

I have been slack in updating the blog lately. Shame on me, I know. But it’s a rainy Friday morning and I’ve got my latte and pictures to share with you guys.

Much of my time has been spent working on art. I feel really fortunate that I can put this much time and effort into it. Now I just need to sell things so I can maintain a budget for paint and brushes.

The bad: Sadly, at least as much of my time has been spent in the purgatory space of migraine headaches. I did something new though– I overlapped migraine time with art time. There’s a ton of art done by migraine sufferers, expressing the sensations of it or created during an attack. Here are some examples:

The ugly: Here is my first migraine painting.

ow ow ow ow

This was one of the quickest paintings I’ve ever done. It really surprised me. In a weird way, I like it.

And to end today on a high note, The totally cute:

Bugg and Lys

A shout out to my dearest Elyse. Happy birthday!! I love you!


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  1. megan foulke said,

    November 22, 2009 at 4:09 am

    i hope your migraines get better! are you seeing a neurologist for them? i’ve been on alot of meds for mine. zomig is the current miracle drug for mine. also avoid MSG if you don’t already, neuro toxic food additives make my migraines a thousand times worse.

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