Post show activities: a bit of blogging with my brew.

Today was a lovely sunshiney-ish November day and I quite enjoyed the afternoon at River Organics. Michelle treated me to an arm/hand and foot massage with a delicious smelling pumpkin lotion. It’s November, pumpkin is in everything. 😉

Many thanks to my friends that came to support me and avail themselves of Michelle’s treatments and Kimmy’s chair massages. I will sort through pictures of the show tomorrow,, I’m quite enjoying my 2 Below Ale and crappy Saturday night television. But for the meantime here is the full view of the last preview.

So Another Journey Ends on the Oregon Trail

So Another Journey Ends on the Oregon Trail

Laugh with me if you learned everything you know about the beaver state from the Oregon Trail computer game. By that I mean you learned was that the family piano should stay behind or be doomed to a slow dry death in the desert, and that the settling of the West would have progressed much faster if oxen just took some damn swimming lessons.



Thanks so much for reading!!


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