Wouldn’t you just love…

Some English Rose Microscrub?

…or Rosemary Mint Bath Salts?

Maybe you’re more interested in Pumpkin Shea Butter… or Lavender Moisture Cream.

Good news! These are all available from River Organics! (That’s right guys, I’ll be talking about it all week). And if you’re curious if they own up to the Organic part of the name, here is a link to the product ingredients. If you explore the site a little more, you can book a massage there with Kimmy. And I recommend you do. http://www.riverorganics.net/ingredients.html

Halloween Coffee

Halloween wine charms work for cappuccinos too!

I’m almost done talking about Halloween, really. But it was a lot of fun! And I’ve been really busy since November started. Also, I got them like the day before Halloween so I’m extending the holiday spirit.

Darbie and Mike made these and they’re adorable. For all the crafting, beading, and drinking I do it’s pretty silly that these are the first wine charms I’ve ever had!

Matilda in the window

She licks everything.

We’ve still had stints of sunshine this week, so it’s still quite common to find Matilda in the sunny spot by the window. And I take advantage of the sun by putting crystals in the window, which of course she wants to taste. She heard me listing products from River Organics and she wanted to find something that was as tastey as those sounded.


Nah, just kidding, she does this crap all the time.


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