Sneak preview

I have completed 4 new pieces since my last post! *4!* I had a lot of espresso yesterday.

Postcard #2 detail

aw the purty mountains

I said before–and I’ll stick to it– that the new pieces will not be on this blog until after Saturday’s show, as a very weak attempt in enticing my local friends to attend.

This time we’re running 11-2:00 for the show. There’s a great coffee shop, Goldrush, one block down from River Organics. MMM Saturday morning coffee and art? Oh yes.

But, I couldn’t resist putting an itty bitty preview of one of them I finished last night. It’s great. And it’ll totally make you laugh. I’ll bet you a cookie.

I will also post one other new piece, because it was finished a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to post pictures.

I like to cook and bake, and though I throw cinnamon rolls and pizza and stuff at the guys, there’s generally a surplus and it goes to whoever comes by to visit. First come, first served sort of thing. And since Rob got us this espresso machine and all my friends are caffeine addicts too, I’ve acted a bit like an on-call barista.

Cafe Le Pip

An offshoot of Chateau Le Pip of Palmer, AK and Ashland, OR

So I have embraced it and given our kitchen coffee shop a name and a sign.

Stumptown is a Portland coffee roaster, and many (if not most) of the independent cafes serve it, and they generally have a sign out to advertise it.  And anyway, it’s true. Do yourself a favor and get ahold of their Hair Bender roast.

Dragonfly hook

Special thanks are due to Lena, Lys, and Kev for the inspiration on this. A lovely dragonfly hook that is far too nice for the towels I hang on it. It’s a little more sparkly than the picture shows, but my camera is very old.

Plus an adorable little teacup set from Lena that makes the final products look sooooo delicious. She is a feature of her blog and many of my wedding pictures. 🙂




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