Prepping already for Saturday Show

We took down the Halloween decorations. Very sad, I know. But it reminded me that I didn’t take any pictures from our array of poisonous and deadly plants… by which I mean all the potted plants I had anyway with Halloween appropriate labels.

Daisy of Doom, Violent Violet, Rosemary’s Baby, Goblin Grass, Cumin To Get You, Chrysanthemummy, Spookghetti Squash, Hemlock Maneuver, Creeping Ivy, Croak Us, and Chrysanthemummy, and Snap Your Face Off Dragons. I liked that one a lot because those ones actually WERE snapdragons.

Yesterday and today I have been very dutifully painting. I have two newly completed pieces and plans for two more that I hope to finish by Friday.

Because this Saturday is the Second Saturday of the month, and that means it’s time for another arts and crafts show at River Organics on NE MLK Blvd. And these new pieces– I’m not going to post pictures of them here until after the show. So ha.

I also wrote 2,000 words yesterday in my “novel.” Maybe I should paint some illustrations for it, that could get interesting.

Prescott of Portland's White House

Prescott lives the life.

But just because I’m not posting pictures of new art doesn’t mean I can’t put up something totally unrelated but pretty cute. This was at Portland’s White House the day after my wedding.

My Mom has been quilting for several years, and she has finally started an Etsy account and has been posting some of her quilts on it. Some. A fraction, I’d say. Holidays are coming up. 😉


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