Searching for nonpretentious literature on my niche in the philosophy of the aesthetic

I’m trying to be professional with this art stuff (without really knowing what that means) and been working really hard on my portfolio prints and online profiles and everything. I got that sweet personalized stamp. I’ve avoided the artist statement though. So many of them sound academic and self glorifying…  Plus my body of work is really varied and some of it’s hard to describe. I need it to submit work for a project I want to be in on. I was really sweating it, but I realized the deadline is not as near as I thought, so I can spend more time making this something I’m happy about.

So, remembering that this is still a draft, I’m offering it up for your feedback.

a visual interlude before the draft...

a visual interlude before the draft...

I began experimenting with painting in 2006, adding it to my arts and craft history including collage, lettering, jewelry, writing, sculpture, singing, acting, and fire dance. I enjoy the versatility of acrylic paint and that it allows me to use bright, vivid colors and many different brush strokes and textural effects. Painting was a new challenge for me; constructing a painting is a very different process from that of drawing or collage. More than any of the arts I’ve practiced, painting has challenged me again and again to keep from “forcing” something in a piece. Painting often reminds me that a picture won’t be exactly like the vision in my head. Creativity requires adaptation, an openness to “happy little surprises” in art.

I am proudest of my work when I can see that someone has a positive reaction to a piece—I like to try and create work that can make someone laugh. Sometimes it’s in the details, sometimes in the theme or style. I have done parody travel postcards, and designed a wine label as an anniversary gift (their names, vintage the year they married, of course).

I enjoy incorporating interesting or humorous details in my paintings, and to play out certain themes through a series. My largest series was inspired by snowflakes. The subjects of these paintings have nothing to do with winter, but evoke a snowflake-like pattern by repeating the design in a hexagonal shape. I want to make my art interesting, I want to make you curious.

Thank you for looking!

inverted paisley design

inverted paisley design

In the meantime I’m submitting work to more venues and calls for art, so cross your fingers. I wasn’t quick enough to get in on an arts and crafts show at a tattoo shop. I thought that would be great. Lots of other things to look into though, so cross your fingers for me.


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  1. Jess said,

    October 24, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    I think it’s good!

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