Oh my goodness first post ever I better make it good

This blog, should I choose to continue it, will accompany me as I venture into the art world outside of Salem. If Portland were McDonalds, the ball pit would be the art scene, and I would be one happy toddler.  This blog, should you choose to continue reading it, will be about me toddling.

Tuesday Oct 6 I had my first art event since leaving Salem. I had a table and several easels set up at Let’s Play Toy Store for their First Tuesday Art Walk. The store is totally adorable, with more old wooden and tin toys than I’ve ever seen. The weather was perfect and my set up looked great. Elyse came with me, which was invaluable both for the unpacking and repacking of my stuff, but also for company and conversing with the really kind people that we met that night. I gave away the remainder of our wedding fans as freebies and even though it wasn’t hot, and the sun had gone down, people loved them and we even saw people fanning themselves.

Notable people:

Eldorado Glen – we even had live music! The music store across the street didn’t have a musician. They weren’t even OPEN!

Gary Stallsworth – a photographer who had set up down the block from us. We had a nice chat, and he was cool enough to come check out the show I had today.

The Kid To Keep An Eye On – He was maybe 10 years old. He ran up to the table and wasted no time: “Can I have this?” Of course.  Shirley, the store owner, told me later that he had it inside and he told her that he painted it. And when she said that she had seen other people that night with fans like it, he said he actually made all of them and gave them to US. Yeah. Watch that kid.



Today- Second Saturday Arts and Crafts at River Organics.  It’s a little boutique with handmade skin products and oils and massages and facials. Michelle, the owner, moved to Portland recently. I moved to Portland recently-er. And DeBorah, the other artist, moved recently-est of all. Again, the weather was lovely. The sun was shining. We were there bright and early and set up a beautiful show. And then we drank coffee, and each got chair massages (oh, Kimmi!), and chatted, and drank coffee, and waited and chatted. Many many thanks to Bill, Rob, and Jess C for coming– even if you’re sort of obligated. Gary, thanks to you as well, since you weren’t. 😉 We’re looking forward to November Second Saturday. We’ve got some more ideas for promoting it and making it more noticeable from the street– and on that weekend maybe we won’t be competing with the Oregon Tattoo Convention and Open Studios (like open houses but with artists at their studios. Art people dig that kinda thing). And I’ve got a whole month to guilt my friends into coming to the next one. I bow to my audience, because you were the only audience we had!

“Work in progress” is a phrase that comes to mind a lot.

I forgot to bring my camera to the Hillsboro show. I brought my camera to River Organics, but the memory card was full and I couldn’t figure out how to clear it in time to take a picture before the batteries died. So I’m going to get them via the other cameras that were there, and I’ll put some photos here.

Next: I get to set up in the display cases in the lobby of the Tigard Public Library, for all of November! I’ll put out a lot of business cards. I already know for my next set that I need to make the font bigger on them. Also I think this address sounds a little less high-schooly than my DeviantArt account. We’ll see.


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